SSL Certificate Market Share

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SSL Certificate Survey by Netcraft

The Netcraft SSL Survey has always been an important resource for SSL market share analysis. SSLHowever, since the most recent SSL survey findings are not publicly available, Comodo has built a Web crawler that scans the Internet and is making the SSL market share information public.

Comodo's Web crawler scans the Internet for Web servers that have an SSL Certificate installed and then extracts the publicly available data contained within those certificates to ascertain the name of the issuing Certificate Authority (CA). So far, this crawler has analyzed and reported on more than 4 million SSL certificates, and this data will be updated and published monthly.

This crawler provides an up-to-date analysis of the market share held by each Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) brand. Considering the immense size of the sampling and a fully automated nature of this crawler, the data is not influenced by any self-reported numbers, from any of the Certificate Authorities, even Comodo itself.

SSL Certificate Market Share
SSL Certificate Market Share

High Assurance SSL Certificate Market Share

High Assurance SSL Share
Total SSL Market Share
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Report updated on June 23, 2010