SSL Certificate Site Seal

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It is essential for Internet merchants to be able to provide trust and assurance mechanisms to visitors across key landing pages, the home page and on any web page offering to take payment. Studies have shown that conversion rates, and therefore revenues, have increased significantly through the placement of recognized trust indicators. Using High Assurance SSL Certificate, web site seals and trust indicators wisely can deliver increased confidence in the merchants and the products. (Relate this to a real world scenario where by Credit Card logos and recognised affiliations are placed both on the front door of the shop and next to the cash desk). Trust indicators are extremely effective at preventing visitors from suffering 'Buyers Remorse' and abandoning the payment process.

SSL Certificate Web Site Seals

Secure Site seals are often included within the purchase price of SSL Certificate itself provided both as an 'incentive to purchase' by the certificate vendor, but also to provide a more visible indicator of trust. Site seals are most effective when used on landing pages and/or home pages, providing confidence at the time of arrival at the site. The benefit is higher when using more widely accepted site seals that are deployed extensively on other sites. Additional benefit is seen when site seals are active requiring only a simple mouse over action. These more advanced seals also offer reporting features such as ROI indicators allowing you to re-position the seal on the page for maximum effectiveness.

SSL Certificate Site Seal

Credit Card Site Seals

This category of site seal was designed specifically to deliver confidence to visitors directly at the POA (Point Of Action) ie when credit card details are being entered. Please see the optimum placement diagrams below.

Credit Card Site Seal