The power behind Anti phishing

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Phishing affects everyone - Protect your customers to Protect
your business

Arguably the most common identity theft scam today is Phishing (adapted from “fishing for information”), Anti Phishing a scenario that usually involves an e-mail message asking consumers to update their personal information with a link to a spoofed Web site. To give their schemes a legitimate look and feel, fraudsters commonly steal well-known corporate identities, product names and logos. What makes Phishing successful is the ease with which seemingly authentic Web sites and e-mail stationery can be constructed. Your brand is one of your most valuable assets so you need to protect it and you need to let your customers know how to verify who you are.

Follow these simple steps and you'll reduce your chances of having your brand and customers being 'Phished' dramatically.

  • Use a High Assurance SSL Certificate on any pages that request consumer information.
  • Use positive site seals and trust indicators on payment pages and your home page.
  • Protect you brand. Use a CVC - Content Verification Certificate on key pages and provide your customers access to free tools such as Verification Engine that verify your brand.

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