Top 10 SSL Certificate Providers of 2017

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There are so many SSL certificate providers that competes the other to prove that it is the best. The following are the Top 10 Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Providers in the industry based on the survey conducted by W3Techs and any websites using one of these certificates assure its customers that they are safe and secure while performing sensitive transactions over the websites.

1. Comodo

Comodo ranks the top on the list as the best SSL Provider to secure websites. It offers great security solutions to business that range from small to big. Comodo SSL offers 256-bit encryption which is trusted by all browsers. It also assures technical support from experts with a warranty that is worth $250,000. Comodo SSL provides unlimited server licenses. Extended Validation certificate is offered at an annual cost of $249.


IdenTrust is next on the line after Comodo and it is doing good in securing major set of bank websites. It offers 256 bit encryption using the SHA-2 algorithm and have more than 5 million users across the globe.

3. Symantec

Symantec comes next after Identrust. It assures its customers trust when it comes to website security. It offers 256 bit encryption. It is bit expensive with the cost of its products are sometimes over $1,000 with $1.5 million warranty.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is also famous, though they are well known for domain registration they are much famous for their SSL certificates that are available at a price ranging from $69 to $299. It also lets the customers to customize their needs. It also provides 24/7 technical Support.

5. GlobalSign

GlobalSign offers 2048 bit future proof SSL Certificates, it also ensures to detect phishing. It offers technical support for its customers.

6. Digicert

Digicert offers SSL certificates that is good enough to secure a website protecting its customer while performing transactions online. They provide 2048 bit SSL certificates. The certificates costs from $175 to $595 a year.

7. Certum

Certum offers a good deal of protection while making online transactions. They provide 128 bit encryption with a month of trial. The certificates costs from $23 to $ 299 per year.

8. Entrust

Entrust is also one of the companies that falls in the top 10 list in providing the best SSL Certificates. It helps the website owners to secure customer transactions and increase in the rate of sale conversion. The SSL certificates of Entrust are affordable.

9. Startcom

Startcom assures complete encryption to meet the real demand in protecting the computer networks. The SSL certificate that it provides encrypts the transactions done between the web browser and the server.

10. Secom Trust

Secom Trust is a Japanese based company that offers SSL certificates to protect websites and hence the online business.


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