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"Use SSL certificates to convert visitors to customers" "An essential trust indicator users now expect to see"

Independent tests have revealed that web retailers who implement visible security indicators experience far lower cart abandonment rates. Visitors concerned about the privacy and security of there personal information need to trust that their details will stay confidential. - No one buys from a salesman they do not trust.

Winning the trust of visitors as quickly as possible is more successful if you allow them to walk a familiar path. Many consumers will already have experienced the purchasing processes offered by bigger brand names. All the major brands, without exception, use High Assurance Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) to secure the personal information of their customers.

Using SSL certificates and trust indicators wisely allows proven web based sales techniques such as AIDAS - Attract, Interest, Desire, Action and Satisfaction to be implemented. Once consumers have taken Action (A) by clicking on your beautifully crafted 'Buy Now' or 'Order Now' button ensure that they are Satisfied with the result - do not give visitors the opportunity to suffer from 'Buyers Remorse' and abandon the process. Ensure the deployment of specific trust indicators at key points in the purchase process - subtle yet effective ways to convert visitors to customers.