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Easily compare SSL based on cost, types and market shares. Compare SSL Certificates and choose the one that best suits your security needs and your customers.

SSL Certificates ensure the safety of the customers on a website. SSL Certificates help to establish a baseline of trust for the customers to complete a transaction and result in increased conversions.

All Certificates from lowest to highest price. Compare SSL certificates based on their price range and determine the best SSL price range for the type you need.

Domain Validated Certificates (DV): DV certificates encrypt data at the same high level as other certificates, but the identity verification is limited to verifying that the certificate being issued to the correct owner of the domain for the certificate. Small business websites prefer Domain Validated Certificates due to quick issuance and lower price.

Organization Validated Certificates (OV): OV certificates verify that the certificate is being issued to an established organization. An OV certificate includes company name and its address, providing high-level of assurance to the end users.

Extended Validated Certificates (EV): EV certificates are issued after an extensive review of the company by the certificate authority following the standards of Certificate Authority/Browser (CA/B) Forum. The address bar turns green once the visitor enters website establishing customer trust increasing sale conversions.

Wildcard Certificates: Wildcard SSL certificates secure a single domain and all the sub domains of that domain. Any sub domain added by the business in the future, will be automatically secured by the wildcard SSL certificate. This can be a cost effective and flexible security solution.

Certificate Market Share: Compare the market share value that each Certificate Authority has in the SSL market. CAs with high market share may be more stable and reliable than others.