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SSL is short for Secured Socket Layer, a security certificate that is used for establishing secure connection between a server and a client. Although there are many brands that provide SSL certificates, the decision to select the right one can be a perplexing experience for buyers – mainly because of the information overload on the internet. But we believe that things can be different if buyers could make informed decisions based on the testimonies of people who have used SSL from certain brands.

That is where comes into the picture. WhichSSL closes the gap between experienced users and prospective buyers. It is a platform that is created to encourage independent reviewing of SSL certificates with an ambition that to push the Certificate Authorities (CA) to better their SSL services.

In short, WhichSSL aims to build a trustworthy environment where users can exchange ideas and choose the best tool to protect their websites. The unbiased SSL Reviews are an essential component in that trust-building process, and we believe that users can leverage the information provided in WhichSSL to select a fitting SSL Certificate based on price, quality, and cost efficiency.

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  • Comodo

    It is very frustrating to deal with unenthusiastic customer reps after listening to the automatic voice chatter for minutes at length. I'm sure you know the feeling. I called Comodo tech support for a small issue I was experiencing with their Code Signing Certificate. They handled me like a baby and helped me overcome the issue within no time. I was grateful and didn't want to waste my energy for nothing.


  • Thawte

    Thawte sucks, both in terms of their certificates and service. They are not nearly as good as some other players in the market like Comodo. I bought their most expensive SSL package and still got a crappy security because I spotted a breach the next week. When contacted, they blamed it on my installation. How ridiculous?


  • Thawte

    Just selling a workable SSL should not be Thawte's end goal. I bought their certificates last week and expected them to follow up. When they didn't, I made the call and asked for help which was a little annoying for a paid customer. Otherwise it's a good brand.


  • Thawte

    I think Thawte is a great brand and provides brilliant certificates like SSL and Code Signing Certificate. Their certification is well received across several platforms, so no issues with compatibility. I also find them cheaper than the average brand.


  • Symantec

    I will never recommend Symantec to anyone I know. The company sits on top of our hard-earned money and mock at us for trusting them. Sober up, Symantec!


Why do I need SSL?

SSL is about creating trust. Trust that your communications are not intercepted and, in the case of higher verification, assurance that you communicating with a trustworthy party.The Internet has successfully created many new global business opportunities for enterprises conducting online commerce.

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Which Site Seal? recently conducted a survey of online shoppers to identify which site seal they trusted the most. We presented respondents with site seals from the major vendors as well as some seals from non-SSL companies such as TRUSTe and the BBB. We asked them to pick the seal they trusted most.

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Top 10 SSL Certificate Providers of 2015

The following are the Top 10 SSL Providers in the industry based on the survey conducted by W3Techs and any websites using one of these certificates assure its customers that they are safe and secure while performing sensitive transactions over the websites.

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